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Social media has a boom of expressing emotions through short small quotes. They put different status in Punjabi languages on their whatsapp, face book and twitter account. When a person feels sad they put punjabi sad status to show how depressed they are. This allows their friends and family to know that this specific person is going through a hard situation. Whatsapp is famous for its quick messaging technology. You can even get to know that the other person has seen your message or not. There are many punjabi status for whatsapp also. You can even find hundreds of Punjabi ghaint status on our website. Whatsapp does not require any notices in plain view screen, you can send 100 messages a month to any of your companions as utilizing Whatsapp is free. You can talk just the companions who have smartphones and they bought to have account on Whatsapp, so , you have to persuade your companions to download the application . Anybody can get a simple access to your points of interest such a profile picture and status in the event that he has your number, So , you should not transfer your own photo as the pictures can be spared and they can be abused .

Whatsap gets more interesting if we upload Whatsap status in Punjabi. Now a days whatsap is very common and every type of people are using for communication.

The most advantages is for whatsapp are

You can send free messages to anywhere of the world with no charges. This administration is totally free.

All instruments gave by Whatsapp are not difficult to utilize.

It doesn’t have any commercials in plain view screen.

This application naturally imports the contacts from your telephone and reveals to you that what number of your companions is utilizing Whatsapp.

You can share your area, photographs, status with your companions.

It also allows you to send 100 messages a month to any of your friends not using Whatsapp for free.

Whatsapp is an awesome application that gives you the best advantages that a web informing application can give you. You can undoubtedly send enough boundless messages to your Whatsapp companions. I personally think there is nothing wrong in using WhatsApp but yes some people are using it for wrong purpose….there is a limit of everything…if we r within the limit, its fine but once we go beyond the limit, it is always dangerous. so using Whatsapp for our need is always good. As the coin has two sides. Even the internet based application Whatsapp has its own pros and cons. But its all depends on how we use it according to the time wisely. so we can use it wisely by making our work more comfortable rather wasting our time by overusing it!! there is no doubt Whatsapp is killing our mind and precious time which we will never get back….Though it is a good messaging app the young generation and even the old people are too much addicted to this… you cannot even see a single phone without Whatsapp unless it is a basic model phone or you are unable to download Whatsapp in your phone… Our fingers automatically press the Whatsapp icon when our phone vibrates whether we receive a message or not….thus Whatsapp is “A GOOD SERVANT BUT A BAD MASTER”.

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